for V. L. "Vlaad" Gajic

Managing Partner & Founder

"For all the long years I have known Vlaad, I could witness his good and open nature, which makes him an excellent co-worker and team member. His curiosity constantly pushes him to seek new knowledge, and his intelligence makes this pursuit successful. He is among a few experts I would always choose to work with."

Milko Stimac

Milko Stimac, PhD
Financial Market Consultant
Ex-Chairman of The Securities Commission and Former Member of Parliament, Republic of Serbia

"Vlaad is a thoughtful and compassionate leader. He enthusiastically takes ownership of projects and works collaboratively with all stakeholders to drive the best results. His work ethic, combined with his penchant for people, makes him a standout leader. Vlaad is a unique asset to any organization!"

Anna-Maria Kerekes

Anna-Maria Kerekes, MBA, BCompSci
Sr. Business Analyst - Project Lead for Canadian Securities Administrators SEDAR+ National Systems Renewal Program, Teranet Inc.

"It is challenging to put in a few sentences all the qualities Vlaad has. I am impressed with the knowledge and skills he demonstrates daily, combined with his enthusiasm, positive energy, and work attitude. Vlaad is highly accountable to deadlines and a proactive contributor when collaborating with colleagues. I feel fortunate to know Vlaad as both a friend and an inspiration for what a person with a vision and commitment to quality, growth, and progress can do."

Veljko Vidovic

Veljko Vidovic, BEng
Founder & CEO, Devamo, Inc.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM) Solution and Technical Architect

"I was extremely fortunate to collaborate with Vlaad on several projects throughout the Laurier Master of Finance Program. Vlaad’s meticulous attention to detail is second to none. He leads by example, which inspires commitment and greatness. I can confidently attest to his ability to elevate my performance through honest, straight talk as a coach and mentor. Vlaad also has excellent problem-solving skills fostering an ideal environment for collaboration. He is a fantastic resource and a wealth of knowledge."

Olivia Reed

Olivia Reed, MBA, MFIN
Relationship Manager, Royal Bank of Canada

"Vlaad is a friend of mine. Over many years, I have known him as a kind, trustworthy, intelligent, and hard-working person. He brings a wealth of real-world experience and academic knowledge to his professional endeavours. Vlaad is an accomplished telecom engineer and a successful businessman. But, more importantly, Vlaad has a passion for what he does and perseverance that makes him very successful in anything he chooses to pursue."

Ivica Kostanic

Ivica Kostanic, PhD
Associate Professor, Florida Tech

"I've known Vlaad all my adult life. His business style is careful, well-thought-out, hands-on and persistent. Vlaad's experience with small, medium and large businesses gives him an unprecedented understanding of business strategies and operations. Being mindful of details while keeping the big picture in perspective makes Vlaad a great leader."

Andjelka Milosevic-Vidovic

Andjelka Milosevic-Vidovic, MA HSI, MA EURUS
Founder & CEO, Embassy Services

"I have known Vlaad for almost two decades and consider him a mentor, coach, and friend. He is strategic, systematic, and logical in approaching tasks, situations, and projects. We have worked on many projects dealing with favourable and unfavourable conditions. To his credit, he has consistently demonstrated a positive attitude and work ethic, which has made all the difference for me."

Marlon Flynn

Marlon Flynn, BA, PMP

"I have known Vlaad for well over a decade. He has a talent for combining his knowledge of technology, business and investing in order to achieve target objectives. He is an emphatic person with high integrity who cares about others and his community."

George Stefanovic

George Stefanovic, CFA